Commercialisation Services


PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd specializes in commercialisation services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-off companies and grass roots inventors. PlaTCOM Ventures’ solutions can assist you to exploit Intellectual Property towards generating income and raise shareholders value for clients. Our services in consultancy includes market intelligence; locate and identify gaps in clients' Intellectual Property portfolios; identification of new industries and markets for clients to develop; discovery of new or additional uses for clients' existing Intellectual Property rights; strategically develop business plans for funding needs; locate and identify ways to place value or trade Intellectual Property to generate revenue for clients; and identify strategic venture and alliance.

We offer expertise and experience in the following areas of commercialisation services:


We can see the process through for you, from beginning to end. You provide the basic information, i.e. your documentation or on our forms and leave the rest to us. No matter what stage of development your business plan currently is in (even if you have no idea where to begin), we can help your business get the financing it needs. 


We assist to conduct financial analysis statement. Financial analysis provides a snapshot of the firm’s financial position at a given point of time.


At PlaTCOM, we deliver the insights that let you make truly informed decision. PlaTCOM Venture’s monitor and analyse market and competitor movement to provide our clients a crucial advantage in the market, ensuring they remain abreast with the latest technology and market landscape. We deliver high-quality market reports, with in-depth analysis of global and local markets.


Technology assessment is vital in selecting the right product or technology fit. We assist you in evaluating what impact a technology will have in terms of short- and long-tem consequences on societal, economic, ethical and legal.

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