Our IP Valuation services enable you to make informed IP monetisation decisions knowing what your IP is worth. There are many known methodologies for valuation of IP including the cost approach, market approach, and income approach. Our IP Valuation experts will factor in the nature of your technology, purpose for valuing it and its market potential to choose the right methodology for valuing your IP.

The importance of valuating your IP can be gauged by the amount invested in acquisitions in the recent past. During the Motorola acquisition approximately 44% of the acquisition cost paid by Google was for the intellectual assets of Motorola. In a similar deal, it is reported that Google paid $966 million for acquiring Waze, within that amount $188 million was attributed towards Waze’s intangible assets.

When should one value their IP? IP Valuation is essential in the following scenarios to correctly value your intangible assets:

Our services include:

  • IP monetising transactions such as licensing, sale or purchase, and merger & acquisition.
  • Raising funds through bank loans or venture capital
  • During an IP litigation case to know the how much damages to claim for your IP
  • During an IP Audit or while deciding whether to maintenance an IP

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