Brief on UK-Malaysian Urban Innovation Challenge 2017

Addressing Urban Problems One Innovation At A Time

Cash prizes for solutions to mobility, water management & waste management

CYBERJAYA, 2 May 2017 - PlaTCOM Ventures (supported by the Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM) and SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) and Innovate UK are running a call for proposals for collaborative research and development projects in the field of urban innovation. Up to RM10 million and £3 million are being offered to Malaysian and UK SMEs as they are required to partner up for their chance to take home part of the prize money. The challenge is open for application starting today until 6 September 2017.

Malaysia’s urbanisation rate has been among the highest in the region (4th most urbanised economy in Asia according to the World Bank), which generates a sizeable amount of health, environmental, energy, and socio-economic challenges for local residents and public authorities. This call will support collaborations between UK and Malaysian businesses to generate new knowledge and develop innovative solutions to tackle these challenges and to improve the efficiency of urban systems in Malaysia.

This competition aims to respond to the growing challenges of Malaysian urban areas with regards to mobility, waste and water. The solutions sought out for urban mobility will primarily focus on real-time data and system integration, service delivery, first/last-mile connectivity and multi-modal connectivity. When it comes to urban waste reduction and management, the judges will be looking at solutions for recovering, separating or extracting valuable components with minimal disruption to citizens for the following waste streams: household, industrial and commercial waste. For urban water management, the judges will be focusing on solutions that could reduce non-revenue water usage and urban flooding.

The challenge is organised by PlaTCOM Ventures and Innovate UK with support from Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, SME Corporation Malaysia and Newton Ungku-Omar Fund as co-organisers.