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Halal is an abbreviation of the term Halalan Thoyyiban. The term describes goods or actions that are permissible and wholesome according Syariah laws and Islamic principles.

Stating that all things are originally wholesome, Halal is a guideline to distinguish from harmful, intoxicating or, otherwise, Haram goods. Non-Halal or Haram goods are thus prohibited or strictly forbidden to Muslims.

Food and drinks that are neither Halal nor Haram are otherwise classified, as Syubhah should be avoided, until they are officially declared Halal. Since distinguishing between Halal and Haram is often complex, these guidelines vary from country to country.

The Malaysian Standard MS1500:2009: "Halal Food - Production, Preparation, Handling & Storage -General Guideline (First Revision)" sets the benchmark for Halal food consumption in the country. Food is certified Halal if it fulfils the following Syariah Law requirements of which includes:
  • Does not contain any non-Halal parts or products of animals, or animal products which are not slaughtered according to Muslim rites

  • Does not contain Najis ingredients (filthy or unclean)

  • Is safe and not harmful

  • Not prepared processed or manufactured using equipment contaminated with Najis

  • Contains ingredients from human parts or its derivatives

  • Is physically separated from foods that do not fulfil the above requirements during preparation, processing, packaging, storage and transportation
Halal is often associated with safe, clean and nutritious food, prepared according to Islamic principles. But in fact, the concept of Halal applies to personal care and cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, as well as finance and other services.

What is the JAKIM Halal logo?

Eight-pointed star is placed in the middle of the circle

A word-Halal in Arabic – "حلال" is placed in the middle of the star

It is then followed a “HALAL” word in Roman

The circle of the logo contains, the word "Malaysia" in Roman and Arabic alt

Two small five-pointed stars are placed to separate the Roman and Arabic word. 

The Halal Certificate is valid for two (2) years. It can be revoked at anytime when the owner is found to contravene with the Halal Certification Procedures. Renewal shall be made 6 months prior to expiry date.

Owners of Halal certificate who fail to renew their certification will not be allowed to use the Malaysia halal logo at the premise or on the label of their manufactured products.

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