A platform for location intelligence

    Project Code: 282
    TuxGeo+ is a web-based, ready-to-use suite of services that can be customised to match various application based on location intelligence requirements. The platform allows users to map some business sense to their data to unleash meaningful insights and strategic perspectives of their business and operation.
    By Tuxuri
Project Overview
TuxGeo+ application merely leverage on providing location-based services that can be used to locate persons, objects, track vehicle movements, navigation, logistics, and inventory management. Upsurge in penetration of wireless devices such as tablets, smartphones, and handheld devices has boosted the adoption of social networking platforms, and provided new avenues for location-based marketing & advertising. 

Location-based services(LBS) use location data related to smartphones and mobile devices to deliver services. Increasing penetration of mobile devices, and growing use of LBS in varied applications such as business analytics supplement the growth of the global location-based services market. TuxGeo+® is a scalable, powerful and secure platform to build custom application together with a web mapping service or GIS map content ensuring the visualisation data on the map is compelling and comprehensive. 
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