A Respiratory Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Measuring System for Human

    Project Code: 260
    This invention is based on prognostic index to detect severity of asthma using respiratory CO2. It provides accurate & reliable information to health care professional and can be used as an early detection device for asthma
    By UTM
Project Overview

The CO2 signal is acquired from the subject through SPRINT CO2 sensor followed by signal conditioning circuit. The output of the CO2 DAQ is fed onto LCD through Arduino Uno having built in ATmega328. As well as, the output of the Arduino has been sent to the Matlab for the graphical presentation of the CO2 signal and for the signal processing where feature extraction is carried out to classify the Asthmatic and Non-Asthmatic.

Product Feature:

  • Measures respiratory CO2 to monitor asthma severity
  • LCD to display trend and asthma severity index
  • Using SprintIR sensor to capture CO2
  • Using ARDUINO as microcontroller
  • Can be used in domestic applications
  • PC based via USB - Ideal for Clinical use
  • User friendly interface
  • Improve medical prevention and treatment
  • Compatible to be installed in PC
  • Easy and simple analysis tool
  • Provide fast and precise results.
  • Self-diagnosis and service
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