Accounting Race Board Game (ARBGame): “Accounting Fighter for Finance Battle”

    Project Code: 226
    This board game can be played by five players. The added value characteristics of this game such as the chequebook, wheel of fortune, fixed deposit, asset ownership grant, ARBG Wallet, and other interesting simulation elements are provided to suit the real accounting environment. This game can stimulate cooperative culture and wisdom strategies that require players to work together to achieve common goals which are fully understanding the concept in accounting and apply it to their knowledge.
    By UNI
Project Overview

The initiative to develop Accounting Race Board Game begun as the innovators realize that there must be a paradigm shift in the way to teach accounting subjects to the non-accounting students who have little conscience or no background for this subject fundamentally. It is a type of board game that will help increase the students’ interest to gain knowledge about accounting subject in more attractive and fascinating way.

This game could be a good lesson material for educators in helping them to facilitate the students in understanding the basic accounting elements. Students are able to enhance and revise the knowledge on accounting at any places and anytime outside the class. Hence, this game not only can be used as entertainment tools but also able to offer an interactive learning process through some transformation approach. As the teaching approach upgraded and become more attractive nowadays to tackle the Gen-Y, it is expected that it would improve and boost the performance of students learning.

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