Teaching Innovation Model for Gen-Y: Classifying & Recording the Accounting Elements Using AccRoBa Game Approach

    Project Code: 227
    Accounting Royale Balls Game (AccRoBa Game) is created to support the learning environment of university students by embarking on the approach of innovative teaching and learning process. It is specifically designed to assist students in understanding the element of revenue and expenses in accounting equation and help them to understand better about the journal entry system, recording in the ledger or “T” account and to prepare trial balance.
    By UNI
Project Overview

This product is appropriate to be played during leisure time or as revision instrument. It is anticipated that this product able to assist students especially the non-accounting major students or the basic learner in accounting to improve their performance in learning accounting particularly in the journal entry topic and recording. The main element of fun and joy applies in this product as the player will be given a particular amount of money to resemble the actual transactions. But at the same time, the player needs to make sure that they provide a correct answer. Despite the fun that it gives to students, this product also teaches the students to be more careful in making decision. This product is believed to be able to help students recall the topic learned in the classroom and allow them to have a better understanding on how to evaluate and classify the common accounting principles such as assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenue and expenses. As accounting subject need both skills of calculation and theory, thus this product is also good to ignite the student’s thinking skill. The thinking skill can be developed through peer learning which is offered in this product. Hence, it indirectly creates competitive environment among students and their peer, thus motivates them to study accounting.

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