Aesthetic Photography Rating Engine

    Project Code: 274
    A tool for automated rating of large volumes of images based on artificial intelligence to derive the best value for photography and imaging.
    By Multimedia University
Project Overview

The innovation has been developed to a stage where it can readily process images but fine-tuning still needs to be done to optimise human preference of beauty. As such the techniques used still need to be refined.

It is currently a publicly accessible system which allows users to upload their photographs and have them rated automatically for aesthetic quality rating. The system extracts visual features instantaneously and performs real-time classification. As the first publicly available tool for automatically determining the aesthetic value of an image, this work is a significant first step in recognizing human emotional reaction to visual stimuli.

The developed engine is fed the image and in return provides an output score quantifying the beauty of the image! This calculation takes into account various unknown parameters based on human preferences fed to it. The core computes aesthetic features from the image, and estimates the aesthetic score.

The engine can be operated on both Android or iOS platforms. The engine speed is good enough to provide real-time calculation.


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