An integrated Online to Offline (O2O) retail strategy

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    The retail world is taking a innovative turn. Additional, the growing mobile internet users have boosted rapid development of mobile platform applications Online-to-offline (o2o) commerce is a business strategy designed to bring online customers to brick and mortar stores. It uses online marketing and advertising methods to identify customers, create awareness of products and services, and ultimately entice the customer to visit a physical store to make a purchase. The growth of O2O model is driven by the increase in demand for connecting software platform to physical brick and mortar businesses that are providing actual services.
    By ChemQQ
Project Overview

Product Features

CheQQme is a marketing channel that transforms online engagements into human traffic for brick-and-mortar businesses. It attracts users via gamification and campaign based, that challenge users to a certain missions / campaign. Users will participate in the campaign, however they need to finish up the campaign on-ground in the Merchant’s premise. The technology leverage on gamification concept, mobile marketing, and mobile technology.
With digitization enabling more and better ways to create values to both businesses and consumers. CheQQme has evolved into a multi-platform tool for marketing/eCommerce use while proven to be an effective way for business to build an O2O model and pull the customers closer.