Androextm for Wound Healing and Scar Treatment

    Project Code: 225
    In a sum, AndroExTM, an excellent skin repair was developed to provide solution to patient/consumer who suffer from wound and scar problems. It incorporated Andrographis paniculata crude extract as main active ingredient for wound healing and scar treatment.
    By UTM
Project Overview

A topical transdermal formulation focused on the permeation ability of delivery system and drug-loading capacity. There are some reports about liposomes, microemulsions and polymeric nanoparticles as vehicles for transdermal delivery. However, some of the above vehicles have being rather complicated and time-consuming, and unstable. Herewith, nanoemulsions are metastable systems, which offer advantages including low skin irritation, powerful permeation ability and high drug-loading capacity for topical delivery when compared with the other carriers such as microemulsions, liposomes or solid lipid nanoparticles.

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