Aura 360 Car System

    Project Code: 230
    Aura 360° is a car accessory system that can be implemented on any vehicle to solve blind spot problems faced by the driver. A driver can see the surrounding views of his/her car while driving as the system is able to sense approaching object. Moreover, the system provides monitoring system, warning system and parking guidance to the drivers. Aura 360° is a potential product as almost every adult owns a car and blind spot problems are common among drivers. The target customers of this product include beginner drivers who have less experience in handling unexpected road situations, women who need protection and extra security as well as parents who are concerned with their children’s safety while driving on the road. Besides, this product can be also sold through car accessories dealers or distributors.
    By SME
Project Overview

Aura 360° utilizes the sensor to detect objects which are approaching a car. To realize this smart system, capaciflector sensor strips are attached surrounding the perimeter of the car. The uniqueness of this system is the use of capaciflector sensor strips rather than the expensive radar sensor or camera. With Aura 360° installed in a car, the surrounding can be monitored clearly by the system and drivers. It will help in eliminating the blind spot problems of a car. There is an alert system provided in the Aura 360° App to notify drivers if any threat has been detected. The system can also assist driver in making car movement decision for example car parking by providing useful information such as the distance gap between cars. With these kind of features, Aura 360° can act as a virtual car instructor for car beginners. This will increase the confidence level of a beginner drivers when they are driving. Moreover, with the tracking feature in the phone application, parents can easily know their children’s driving behavior. Parents are then able to carry out appropriate action to educate their children before any tragedy happen.