Automated Noise Mapping Prediction Tool (S-Nms)

    Project Code: 287N
    This software considers the randomness and complexity of machinery operation and noise emission level. Also, it assesses the noise impact to the workers and surrounding environment. It incorporates to the BS5228-1:2009 provision with the approximation of attenuation and reflection due to the barriers, and the local environmental standards. It has high accuracy of the prediction results with the majority absolute differences approximately 2 dBA
    By UTM
Project Overview

Portable electronics have become part of our life and people rely on them to communicate, entertain and surf the web. However, heavy usage does result in faster battery drain. These devices are completely useless without battery. Since power source are not available everywhere, users are required to bring a large and heavy backup power bank all the time. Otherwise, they might have to always remember to charge their phone before they leave their home.

For this reason, a wireless charging solution is introduced. Wireless charger is a promising solution for convenient charging. It is able to charge these portable electronics anywhere and anytime automatically without the conscious human intervention. Current wireless charging technology such as those offered by Samsung and Nokia, are suffering from the limitation of short distance charging and easy to misalign. Which mean the target devices must be placed in proximity to the charger with a proper orientation. Otherwise, the charging is going to be not effective.

When a compatible target is coming near to this mat, wireless energy will be sent to the target to recharge it. The possible targets are like mobile phone, desk-lamp, remote control, wireless mouse, iPod and mp3 player.