BioApps: Prosthetic & Orthotic Services

    Project Code: 181
    This is a new generation of prosthesis that can replace a missing body part to give valuable support to the amputees.
Project Overview

Talking about convention technology, there are various types of prosthesis available in the market. However, the application of those prostheses can be painful, most technologies are not affordable by the patients, there were also cases of mechanical system failures, donning and doffing are troublesome and noisy suspension system.

The researchers from Universiti Malaya have developed the  solutions to those problems with:

i.              Polyethtlene f Oam liner

ii.             Silicone liner with shuttle lock

iii.            Seal-in liner

iv.           Magnetic Prosthetic Suspension System

The technology uses magnetic system to enhance the performance of the prosthetic device. Based on UM research, the developed technology reduces the pain during donning and doffing. These enhances the quality of life of amputees.

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