Bio-Waste Corn Cob as Bio-Catalyst for Various Organic Reaction

    Project Code: 303
    This innovative technology is being developed to utilized bio-waste materials which is Corn-Cob as Bio-Catalyst for many applications in fine chemical and pharmaceutical markets
    By Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Project Overview

A group of researchers from UMS has developed this process technology as recyclable bio-catalyst to meet the need of various type of cross coupling reactions and synthesis of biological active molecules.

This process technology has been developed as initial proof of concept. It requires production upscaling for commercial applications. Based on the proof of concept, the following are the competitive advantages:


  • This cellulose supported catalysts are independent on the surface area or porosity of materials
  • The system works on the metal complexation by coordination rather than absorption process to overcome the limitation of heterogeneous catalyst
  • The heterogeneous catalysis well suited with the palladium metal immobilized on a support
  • It using waste organic material which is environmentally sustainable
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