Camboard: Road Shoulder Angle Measuring Device

    Project Code: 183
    This product provides method to measure slopes of road shoulder. It is cost effective, environmental friendly and reliable
Project Overview

This device named as Camboard is developed by JKR technician to measure slope angle of road shoulder and subgrade. The products features are as follows:-

·         User friendly for road construction and maintenance

·         Simplify the process of measuring the road shoulder angle in order to meet the requirement

·         Usage of the device will ensure the construction of road shoulder as the intended function to dissipate the water and prevent water retention on road surface

·         The device also able to assist in showing the occurrence of silt

This device is suitable to be used for construction and maintenance of roads and highways. The potential user  are Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia, Local Authorities, Contractors and Infrastructure’s Designers.

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