Carbon Footprint Calculator

    Project Code: 137
    This invention presents a carbon footprint calculator. It calculates carbon emission from organization activities based on differing formulations of user input. This invention offers a comprehensive carbon reporting solution, which also covers the operations of raw water intake until process of distributions. This system comprises of over 500 databases both from local and internationally.
Project Overview

The Carbon footprint is measure of the amount of carbon dioxide (GHG) emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels represented in a product. In the case of a business organization, it is the amount of CO2 emitted either directly or indirectly as a result of its everyday operations. GHG emissions cannot be directly measured, GHG emissions must be calculated using measured activity data for parameters such as quantities of fuel combusted, electricity consumed, or vehicle miles driven.  Inefficient energy and raw material use within corporation activities has been a big contributor to carbon emission. In Malaysia, the government is committed to reduce 40% of the nation carbon emission in 2020. Mandatory reporting under consideration in 2016 onwards under ‘MyCarbon’ scheme has been introduced.  By 2016, all companies to be listed on BSKL need to submit their carbon report under MyCarbon scheme by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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