Chitosan-Supplemented Fish Feed from Sabah Shrimp Waste

    Project Code: 304
    This innovative technology is being developed as fish-feed that is biodegradable, biocompatibility and non-toxic.
    By Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Project Overview

The product has been formulated as fish-feed using chitosan as the main ingredient with the following reasons:

  • Chitosan play an important role in enhancing the digestion and absorption of nutrients when apply at lower level
  • It stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes from stomach, pancreas, and intestinal nucosa which leads to facilitate in the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler one
  • At higher levels, chitosan tends to play role in depressing growth of fish because chitosan has an anti-cholesterolemic properties which best serve as a dietary supplement
  • Chitosan inhibits the growth of oral and intestinal pathogenic bacteria and the other hand increase the density of small-intestinal microvilli


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