CoGurt (Coconut yogurt): Highly nutritious non-dairy yogurt

    Project Code: 124
    This product features a non-dairy coconut milk yogurt, which is formulated specifically to cater to the lactose intolerant consumers. It is highly nutritious, substituting dairy milk with coconut milk through mathematical model to achieve a stable, tasty and nutritious product suitable for all consumers.
Project Overview

Previously, some researchers have used a mixture of coconut and dairy milk as a substrate for yogurt production. However this still limits consumption for lactose intolerant people. Prior productions of yogurt from coconut milk as the only substrate have been carried out but none have applied mathematical model for optimisation purpose. For the first time in Malaysia, this product has been developed with optimized formulation of ingredient and processing parameters using mathematical model. As a result, a highly nutritious non-dairy yogurt is produced. This product can be obtained in liquid (end product) and powder form.

The liquid (end product) could be made by pre-heat the coconut milk for few minutes. After that gelatin will be added, then let it cool. Next, sufficient amount of mother culture is inserted to the coconut milk mixture. After that, the coconut milk mixture is left for incubation. Then, the mixture is kept refrigerated. Subsequently, the yogurt produced will be added with flavor and store at chilled condition.

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