Cool Island Curtain

    Project Code: 288
    Cool Island- Curtain is a product that replaces ordinary curtain which has much efficiency and features that promote indoor and outdoor thermal comfort through its retro-reflection. It helps in promoting the reduction of urban heat island and reducing electricity for cooling and lighting purposes. Targeted customers would be construction/developer sector, institution and interior designer sector.
    By Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Project Overview

Cool Island-Curtain has been proven to maintain the room temperature up to the difference of 7 Celsius compared to room that has not been installed with Cool Island-Curtain.  This directly affects human discomfort index (Thom Equation) whereby it is proven by rooms that has been installed with cool island curtain that maintains the status of “partially discomfort” unlike room without cool curtain that reaches “uncomfortable” level during peak hours. This becomes a unique selling point as most users in Malaysia would prefer more energy saving concept to adapt with tropical weather in Malaysia.

Cool island curtain consists of high solar reflection due to its weaving texture reflecting (zig-zag curve) where it will improve internal and outdoor thermal comfort. It is available in soft and hard type according to the user needs and aesthetical. Furthermore, it may induce breeze and air-flow into the building and it acts as a natural cooling mechanism to reduce thermal internally and externally to result in reducing urban heat island.

For current situation in Malaysia, user would normally focus on using conventional curtains and tinted glasses for heat reduction but it does not affect the consumption of energy and its air breeze effect would be reduce unlike this produce whereby both of this problem is resolve. It is targeted that users would opt for this product due to its features compared to conventional curtains.

Cool Island Curtain would be the new technology that would give user a new experience of natural lighting and air-cooling breeze without feeling discomfort and contributing to urban heat island. In addition to that, it would be sustainable when it reduces energy use and this new technology would contribute not only the benefits of the users but also the benefits of the whole city. This concept would attract many investors that are looking for technology in green building concept as it comply with sustainability concept.

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