CRPS®: Controlled Release Propagating Substrate

    Project Code: 224
    The unique properties of zeolite, i.e. high cation exchange capacity, high surface area, crystal forms, etc. are used to deliver slow release of nutrients in propagating substrates which allow the nutrients to be retained in the substrates and released slowly.
    By UTM
Project Overview

The usage of CRPS replacing soils and other growing media could benefited in two ways:

(1) save our environment

(2) high yield of plants.

The leaching of nutrients from the propagating substrate can be achieved by the addition of a carrier system that can hold and retain the essential nutrients. One of the carrier system is surfactant modified zeolite which is the zeolite (mineral from volcanic area) that has been attached with suitable amount of surfactant. The surfactant modified zeolite is capable in retaining and holding various forms of nutrients either in cationic or anionic forms, where zeolite has limitation for the anionic form. Therefore, this product called CRPS®, is a controlled release propagating substrate is proven to have the ability in releasing the nutrients at the slower rate and also gives high yield to the plant.

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