An Innovative Cryo and Thermo Generating Physiotherapy Machine

    Project Code: 166
    Physiotherapy (PT) is a speciality that remediates impairments to physical movements. Heat and cold therapy are important components of PT, but delivery is still via heat packs and hot water bottles, and cold packs and ice. This innovation provides both cryo- and thermo-therapy via patented technology that is swift, convenient and efficient.
Project Overview
The innovation is a patent-pending technology that provides cryotherapy (cold), thermotherapy (heat) or a combination of both (contrast) to mitigate symptoms and heal medical infirmities. Swift temperature change and durability make it indispensable for high turnover usage. The machine is unexpectedly compact and quiet. On top of that, it is exceedingly power-efficient which is essential for all eco-friendly practices as well as long-term overhead cost management. It is ideal for physiotherapy departments, sporting establishments, retirement homes, etc. The machine can achieve controlled temperatures of +5°C to +42°C / +41°F to +108°F, and reach the desired temperature in a mere minutes.

The machine boasts several advantages over conventional thermotherapy or cryotherapy competitor machines:
• The wraps – the wraps consist of a range of designs to cater to the various parts of the body. They include: Shoulder, Abdomen, Thigh, Knee, Calf, Elbow and Lumbar areas. This is the main area of innovation; heat is generated and reduced via thermoelectric effect. The wraps are also ergonomically designed to conform to the varied anatomical structures of the human body.
• No ice, no water – the intelligent system dispenses with the need to add ice or water to the machine, surpassing conventional treatments in efficacy and ease of use.
• Quick and easy – the machine automatically monitors and self-adjusts according to the ambient conditions and the patient’s body temperature. Therapy can commence swiftly without supervision or refilling of ice or water.

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