Project Code: 219
    D’HairTM is an invention that relates to cosmeceutical ingredients having properties and comprises compounds extracted from mangosteen pericarp. More particularly, this present invention relates to any kind of hair nutrient formulations containing niosomer mangosteen pericarp extract for hair-growth promoting and hair-tanning cosmeceutical applications
    By UTM
Project Overview

The topical transdermal formulation focused on the permeation ability of delivery system and drug-loading capacity. There are some reports about liposomes, microemulsions and polymeric nanoparticles as vehicles for transdermal delivery. However, some of the above vehicles have being rather complicated and time-consuming, and unstable. Niosomes are vesicular delivery systems obtained through hydration of non-ionic surfactants. Similar to liposomes, niosomes can entrap both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. Niosomes are prepared from surfactants, which are more chemically stable than phospholipids, which are used in the preparation of liposome. The additional merits with niosomes are low toxicity due to its non ionic nature and no requirement of special precautions and conditions for formulation and preparation.

Large scale production of niosomes is possible due to its simple manufacturing method that can be achieved without the use of unacceptable solvents.