Dancing Gas Pattern for GMAW Process

    Project Code: 262
    The project is made to deliver the fabrication of a new type of GMAW nozzle as it is changing the flow of gas during GMAW process. The flow of gas is depending through the hole of the nozzle to make a shielding gas pattern to protect weld bead from Oxygen. The problem arises when conventional nozzle is unsuitable for welding outdoors. Also, movement of shielding gas during the process created porosity. Increasing the shielding gas output will increase the cost and it may affect the weld bead.
    By UniKL
Project Overview
  • An innovation nozzle that makes the GMAW process suitable to use at open space area. It also will improve the weld bead.
  • Conventional nozzle cannot be use at the open space area while this innovation nozzle can be easily use in open space. This nozzle can be use by any welder of any skill since it can be change to any number of holes at the nozzle allowing them to choose which one is comforting for them.
  • The cost of the material is slightly expensive than the conventional but the durability of this nozzle is higher than the current technology.
  • Spatter would not have stuck to the end of nozzle since the shielding gas will bounce them off to outside.
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