Data driven agriculture software for crop improvent

    Project Code: 279
    Sustainable food production through innovative crop improvement technology is the main focus of future research and development in agriculture sector. Our agriculture software allows the selective breeding of commercially important crops, smart management of seed/clonal material production workflow and agronomy, which can be ultimately converged into one comprehensive data driven solution that help to improve crop quality and production.
    By Codon Genomics
Project Overview

The data-driven agriculture software provides a platform for plant breeders and agronomists to record and analyze data, plan, manage and monitor their breeding workflow, seed/planting material production and agronomy programme, so that maximum returns can be achieved from their agricultural activities.

The ultimate goals to have this agriculture software are to:

  • Improve the selection of good quality parental materials for selective plant breeding and crop plantation;
  • Monitor the whole production workflow for seed and clonal planting materials;
  • Manage and optimize the agronomy practices for a more sustainable and productive agriculture.
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