An innovative device for improving power factor

    Project Code: 176
    In an electrical power system, a load with a low power factor uses more current than a load with a high power factor, if the same amount of useful power transferred is considered. This is why industrial or commercial customers have higher tariffs for electricity charges. This innovation improves power factor in an electrical system, thus giving cost savings and overall efficiency in the system
Project Overview
The invention features decentralized power factor correction via intelligent load scheduling. Capacitive loads such as LED lights and electronics can be scheduled to be run at the same time as highly inductive loads such as washing machines. User preferences can also be created through analysis of historical data or via explicit user input in a consumption profiler. Additionally, analysis of several of these user preferences will help in the understanding of when best to schedule and reschedule loads to improve power factor. Improved power factor at a residence for example, prevents reactive power from oscillating from the generator to load requiring larger capacity build up.

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