Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor

    Project Code: 172
    A dialyser acts as the kidney in dialysis machines. Dialyzers are used only once in most industrialized countries but for many other countries, they are cleaned and reused. This innovation provides a simple yet very effective and safe method to reprocess dialysers, thus enabling huge cost savings.
Project Overview
The reprocessor machine has a full colour touchscreen display that is simple yet powerful to use. It has a one-touch full auto system, and 5 user programmable presents for TCV volume. TCV volume can also be easily calibrated and there is a retest function in the event of measurement error. The reprocessing process uses reverse ultrafiltration and is highly efficient. Several alarm displays and sensors give a constant indication on the process and alert the user in the event of any errors. Finally, there is an optional process data printout if the user needs a physical copy of the process.

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