Easipress – Rethink the way you press Metered- dose Inhaler (MDI)

    Project Code: 151
    In Malaysia alone, there are approximately 3 million patients suffering from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Every patient with respiratory disease need at least one MDI as a reliever. Most of them are not aware of an assisting device that could make their treatment easier. Hence, we believe the market is huge where Easipress could venture in.
Project Overview

Through daily observations in healthcare settings, it was found that there are many cases where asthma patients especially the young and elderly, have difficulty in pressing canister of MDI during daily dose intake. Due to lack of force in pressing, they often require assistance from family members and if they are alone, they would most probably receive insufficient dose and might even put themselves in great danger during a sudden asthma attack. All these lead to the design and introduction of Easipress.

Easipress is a detachable MDI-assisting device that could reduce the force required to press the canister by 5 times lesser. By adding ‘wing’ panels to the side of MDI, we discover that it is much easier for patients to press the canister as they will be using more fingers instead of the conventional way of using only the thumb to support and index finger to press.


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