Elevated Cable System for Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB)

    Project Code: 318
    The technology is to provide better alternative for oil palm fresh fruit bunch to be transported to the main road.
    By SME
Project Overview

Elevated Cable System is an invention that helps cultivator to harvest the FFB in a proper manner and faster way hence FFB will not being wasted and could produce high quality oil.

This invention has been developed as initial proof of concept. It requires upscaling for commercial applications. Based on the proof of concept, the following are the competitive advantages:

  • Can be used in all weather
  • Mechanical / manual operating mode.
  • Multipurpose – for transporting EFB, fertilizer, water for spraying and compost
  • Increase harvester’s productivity by 3 folds
  • Improved oil palm yield through efficient crop recovery
  • Accelerate crop evacuation for better FFA and OER
  • Reduce labour turnover
  • Reduced production cost through reduction in harvesting and collection cost
  • Reduce the usage of heavy vehicle
  • Continuous usage even after replanting; reduce road intensity
  • No breakdown of infield evacuation