Biosimilar Erythropoeitin

    Project Code: 167
    Erythropoietin (EPO) is a 34kDa glycoprotein that is produced by fibroblast tissues of the kidney, and it controls red blood cell (RBC) production. EPO is also produced via recombinant DNA technology in cell culture. This biosimilar EPO works by stimulating bone marrow to make more RBC. It can be used to treat several diseases.
Project Overview
The innovation is a biosimilar EPO that was designed and produced in-house by the company. Although there are many biosimilar EPO products in the market, some have inherent problems such as low bioavailability, and a low rate and extent of absorption. This biosimilar EPO shows high bioavailability and also a good rate and extent of absorption, which means it has a high bioequivalence to natural EPO.

The product comes in two variants:

• Low strength – used by dialysis patients because their reduced renal function might cause problems when they are given higher strength doses

• High strength – used by chemotherapy patients that usually have severely lowered hemoglobin levels and thus need a stronger dose to raise the said levels.

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