Biosimilar Factor VII a

    Project Code: 169
    Factor VII is a serine protease class enzyme that is one of the proteins that causes blood to clot in the coagulation cascade. It initiates the process of coagulation in conjunction with tissue factor III (TF III). Recombinant human factor VII was initially promising but is no longer recommended. This biosimilar medicine shows much better bioequivalence to natural Factor VII a
Project Overview
This human activated recombinant blood coagulation factor VII (rFVIIa), is a glycoprotein with 406 amino acids and molecular weight of about 50KDa. It is produced in Baby Hamster Kidney cell line (BHK) via recombinant technology and is highly purified to be acceptable as an injectable human drug. This biosimilar medicine is produced under strict cGMP standards and has been fully characterized at the molecular level by several parties, including regulatory and other third party laboratories. It has been found very high bioequivalence to other forms of Factor VII in the market.

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