A Non-Disruptive Fibre Optics Monitoring Device for Telecommunication Servicing

    Project Code: 195
    This invention allows in-line monitoring of multiplexed fiber optics transmission signals (signals with multiple wavelengths) without interrupting the main transmission line. It addresses the problem of having to disconnect the transmission line whenever the line needs to be monitored on site. The device is completely passive which does not require any power supply to operate.
Project Overview
The present invention is an in-line optical tap planar lightwave circuit, used in a device which enables certain optical signals to be partially extracted from a fibre optics transmission line for optical networks monitoring, for example in a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. FTTH is a network technology that deploys optical fibre cable directly to the home or business to deliver triple-play (data, voice and video) services with a high speed up to the customer premises via the optical distribution network (ODN). When any fault occurs at one point in an optical fibre line, there would be a loss of function of the access network behind the break point. This problem usually takes longer time to resolve compared to transmission equipment failure. It is an end-product which can be used by fibre optics-based telecommunications service provider.

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