Fire safe coating for structural applications

    Project Code: 277
    Intumescent coatings are one of among the highly recognized passive fire protection (PFP) technologies to ensure safety of people and property. Structural steelwork and other construction materials are the most commonly protected materials that use fire-resistive coatings but protection can also include other materials such as plastic and fabric. Developing new coatings with reduced environmental impact and enhanced functionality has been found to be one of the recent technology focus areas among coating manufacturers.
    By Universiti Teknologi Petronas
Project Overview
Intumescent coatings are materials that can be coated on substrates such as steel, wood, concrete, plastics, and composites which when exposed to fire, expand to more than hundred times their original thickness making them act as insulators to keep high temperature at bay from structural members and protected enclosures. The invention investigated the toxic effects of intumescent fire-retardant coating formulations without and with three types of fillers i.e. alumina, ATH and talc.

Product Features
  • Useful for fire protection for on-shore, off-shore structures
  • Coating can withstand 1000oC for 90 min, in case of fire
  • Provides enough time for safe evacuation of people
  • Suitable for metals, polymer, wood and textiles
  • Halogen free and non-toxic
  • Cost efficient
  • Shelf Life: 10 years
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