Granumas: Artificial Bone Mass Material

    Project Code: 186
    Researchers at SIRIM have developed a Halal certified artificial bone products from Malaysian limestone, including an injectable self-hardening apatite cement and use as a slow release apatite drug delivery system for Gentaamycin
Project Overview

The production and preparation of artificial bone material has improved over the last 15 years, and with it the number of applications for these materials has grown to include:

        bone cement for joint implants – to improve the attachment of the implant in bone and increase the lifetime of the implant

        replacement bone material  - when donor bone material is not available to repair damaged bone

        drug delivery systems – to enable local drug delivery and control the release of the drug over time.

Bone cement is used for the fixation of artificial implants and joints, such as hip, knee and shoulder joints, to the skeleton by creating a tight space for the implants to  be secured or  anchored  to the existing bone.

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