Development of consumer products from Guerbet glycosides

    Project Code: 178
    Drug delivery systems (targeted delivery or sustained release) offer a modified drug release profile, absorption, distribution and elimination, thus providing a more effective active compound delivery, product efficacy, safety, compliance and also patient convenience. This innovation is based on Guerbet glycosides, and is a sustained release system that has a low melting point, can be produced cheaply from renewable sources, and is environmentally friendly.
Project Overview
The innovation is a sustained-release drug delivery system based on branched chain Guerbet glycosides, which are derived from a class of branched alcohols that have significantly lower melting points. This makes them highly desirable in the personal care market. Guerbet glycosides are produced from renewable and sustainable biomass sources (such as local and cheap carbohydrate sources)that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Their unique liquid crystalline properties can be used in a diverse range of product formulations, particularly in the high-end cosmetics product range, and also for targeted and personalized nanomedicine.

The product will be made available as:
• A Speciality Chemical – Low Market Volume
• Customised for Specific Industries

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