Project Code: 244
    This is a green invention project using good properties of waste materials to produce a composite material with high strength, corrosion resistance, low density and CTE.
    By MMU
Project Overview

Aluminum Matrix Composites (AMCs) are referred as the class of light weight and high performance aluminum centric materials system. AMCs are widely manufactured and used in many fields of application including automotive due to the excellent properties offered. 

Currently, AMCs are reinforced with particulate ceramic materials such as silicon carbide and alumina to enhance their uses in automotive applications. However, these particulates ceramic have higher density than the aluminum matrix, thus result the higher density of AMCs.

To overcome this problem, the particulate ceramic reinforcement has been replaced by the other reinforcement from industrial waste such as fly ash, rice husk ash and red mud. Fly ash was used as the reinforcement due to its low-density properties. Besides its better properties, industrial waste had been widely used as reinforcement for cost reduction purposes.

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