Highly Efficient Polyacrylamide-Based Hydrogels as Oil/Water Filter Materials

    Project Code: 240
    Traditional hydrophobic and oleophilic oil-removing type of materials for oil/water separation such as hydrophobic aerogels, kapok and etc. suffered severe oil fouling and limited number of usage. The uniqueness of PAAm-g-PET hydrogel filter used in our invention can offer better reusability /recyclability and wettability which effectively applied as separating tool.
    By UTM
Project Overview

The characteristic of this material is attractive for designing water-removing tool for oil/water separation because it has better oil-fouling resistance as compared to traditional oil adsorber. This invention has great potential for oil/water separation application since it was prepared from cheap material and utilizes simple and easy up-scaling technology. The oil-fouling resistance increase the lifespan of the filter and the recyclability. This invention presents a novel solution to tackle the environmental problems caused by oil spill.

 The features of the technology are:-

  • A thin layer of PAAm hydrogel was grafted onto PET textiles using UV-LED photopolymerization system. Filters were prepared with different UV LED parameters, have given an impact onto the performance of PAAm grafting onto PET.
  • The hydrophilic surface of hydrogel are able to prevent the foulant adhesion onto the filter thus effectively exhibit antifouling surface resistance towards oil/grease or microorganism.
  • The oil/water separation principle using PAAm-g-PET hydrogel filters employ the concept of ‘dynamic filtration’ rather than traditional slow oil adsorption process.