Hydro Cheese

    Project Code: 142
    The Hydro~Cheese is designed to be a squarish and porous structure. The system consists of a series of single wave barrier modules with permeable sharp-edged tiers and holes of various sizes to act as a breakwater reef system. The design incorporated various concepts of wave energy dissipation, which include frictional dissipation, wave over-topping and breaking, turbulence, vortices and eddies, and aims to reduce wave reflection to a minimum to provide safety to moving vessels nearby.
Project Overview

The Hydro~Cheese is a cheaper coastal protection structure that works invisibly, maintains use of the beach. It has an added value of marine habitat enhancement and does not require advanced technology to manufacture. It can be designed and installed in stages according to need and the dimensions can be tailor-made to suit a specific site coastal environment, thus reduction in construction costs. This invention adapts to various arrangements possible – stacked, multi-rows, stepped, curved, and certainly suitable for most type of shorelines and protection of coastal infrastructures. It encourages the creation of coral habitats for tourism, near coast snorkeling and fishing spots close to the coastline

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