Oxygen – Hydrogen Generator

    Project Code: 165
    Free radicals are oxidative particles that can cause severe damage to cells in the human body. There are many ways to counter fee radicals; consumption of hydrogen gas via inhalation is one way. This innovation uses a proprietary design to generate an oxygen-hydrogen mix that is safe yet provides health benefits.
Project Overview
The machine is a hydrogen-oxygen generator that produces the gasses from electrolysis of water. Using a proprietary software system and design, the gas mixture is set at 73% H2 and 27% O2. The resulting gas is bubbled through a “bubbler”, which is a water-filled canister that has a changeable membrane filter, and out via a nasal cannula.

All a user needs to do is to turn on the machine, press and hold an activation button for 3 seconds, and once the bubbling begins, attach the nasal cannula and breathe normally. The entire process lasts for 30 minutes, upon which, the machine will automatically shut down. A single 30-minute treatment per day is sufficient, but users can opt for 2 treatments per day. User maintenance is just topping up 500ml of reverse osmosis (RO) water in the electrolysis chamber after every treatment session.

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