Intelligent Sink: I-SiNK

    Project Code: 157
    This fixed sink/ wash basin will be a major problems to kids and the disabled as they are unable to reach the height of the sink and will require additional assistance or the use of certain elevation material such as a stool to enable them to reach the height risking them for unwanted accidents or falls. This innovation will be able to eliminate the risks and the problems associated to the fixed height of the existing sink and enable everyone to be able to use the sink.
Project Overview

This innovative product is focusing on the needs of the children and the disabled especially when they are trying to use the sink or wash basin.

The I-SiNK is an adjustable sink and the height of the sink will automatically be adjusted according to the height of the users. It is also user-friendly and it uses a sensor technology without the needs of adjusting the height manually.

The target market will be in public amenities such as the layby areas in highways, food courts, orphanage homes, fast food restaurants and many other premises with frequent wash basin/sink usage by the target groups.

Internationally, the market for such technology is also available where the needs of the children and the disabled are highly considered especially in public areas and amenities.

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