Intelligent Car Care Tele System (I-CCTS)

    Project Code: 246
    Cars today, do not have any available system which can provide assistance, diagnostic and telematics service to drivers. Without these 3 services, drivers usually find it a big problem especially when the car is breaking down. Intelligent Car Care System (I-CCS) will solve the problem by providing a digital service that has a built-in system compatible with all platforms, which are linked for the car owners, car manufacturers, service centres and insurance companies.
    By MMU
Project Overview

i-CCTS provides the following functions to a driver:-

1)     Dashboard warning light: it will light up once the OBD trigger any issue from the car. Driver can navigate through the warning light displayed and get summary of the problem.

  1. Scheduled service appointment is provided if the driver wants to send the car for scheduled or un-scheduled car service appointment to the nearest car service centre.
  2. Complaint: a function for the driver to submit complaint to car manufacturer regarding any concern experienced with the car.
  3. SOS-urgent help: to send immediate respond request from the car to the nearest and available car service when the car breaks down.