Innovative Sliding Beam-To-Column Connection for Industrialized Building System

    Project Code: 223
    ISBC connection is easy and simple to be mounted in construction sites therefore the needs of expert worker can be reduced. ISBC is cost competitive and can reduce overall cost of precast construction. This ISBC connection can solve the problems usually occurred in beam-to-column connection in precast structures. ISBC connection has enough ductility and strength to perform well under seismic load therefore will be the solution to the limitations of precast structures under seismic load.
    By UTM
Project Overview

Precast structures have received increasing attention over the past years because of high quality, fast construction and relatively lower costs. However, over the past years, beam-to-column connections in these structures have been under research for improvement due to the reported failure worldwide.

This invention; Innovative Sliding Beam-to-Column (ISBC) connection for precast structures is initiated to overcome the connection failure. The proposed connection takes into account the required level of strength and ductility that are significant for a well-designed joint in precast connections. The ISBC connector's cost is competitively low which reduces the total cost of precast structures. In line with the national policy, this product ensures efficient and cost effective performance of the construction industry.

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