InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service

    Project Code: 189
    InsanyMed Open PACS-as-a-Service is for cost-conscious and security-aware healthcare providers looking to improve their imaging department services via a hospital wide digital radiology workflow implementation with minimal investment and effort.
Project Overview

Hospitals implementing the system will get:

           Hospital-wide filmless medical image distribution.

           Scalable storage of medical images, stored as 512bit AES encrypted files.

           Customized and efficient radiological imaging workflow design based on their unique needs.

           Customized mobile workflow for image access at anytime and anywhere.

           Customized archival strategy for capacity planning and future growth.

           Customized backup and disaster recovery design to achieve 99% system up time.

           Customized centralized archival design for inter-hospital image distribution.

           Customized patient image distribution policy (via CD burning or Cloud services).

           Image auto routing configuration design services.

           Efficient next generation network topology design and scalable capacity planning.

           Routine software maintenance and periodic upgrades.

           Complete system audit services.

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