Instant access to senior medical specialists

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    Medical Opinion Asia is an online platform connecting patients, insurance companies, legal firms and corporates to medical specialists in the most efficient and easiest way possible. By uploading available medical documents, along with medical images if any, and completing the questionnaire, one of Medical Opinion Asia's medical specialists will return an opinion quickly, efficiently and with absolute confidentiality.
    By Medo Asia
Project Overview


Secured Login

  • Only authorized personnel can login into the system.

Easy and Fast Request Process

  • Case reference details, reason for review and document upload are done through the online platform.
  • A specialist will be assigned based on the specialty and subspecialty required.

Progress Tracking

  • The status for each case can be monitored – for e.g. pending document upload, pending specialist review, review ready, etc.

Automated Alert/Notification System via Email/SMS

  • User will be notified when the report is ready.
  • Selected specialists will be notified when a case is assigned to them.

Indexing and Archiving

  • All cases are indexed and archived, for easy search if reference is required.

Private and Confidentiality

  • Only selected specialists able to view and report on the case.
  • Only authorized personnel can request, upload and view cases.


  • Cost reduction/ control is one of the key areas where such services would greatly improve the healthcare industry in Malaysia, especially in the case of bloated or unnecessary insurance claims.
  • Better healthcare in general and better patient outcomes overall for patients as getting a Medical Second Opinion can reduce the risks faced by patients when undergoing major surgical or life altering treatments.
  • Peace of mind for the patients and their families by making them better informed of the choices and alternatives available to them for their current condition.
  • Medical Opinion Asia is a global platform upon which patients from anywhere in the world would be able to connect with world class doctors based in Malaysia for Medical Opinions and treatment, thereby encouraging medical tourism into Malaysia.
  • End-to-end digital processes to overcome the current geographical constraints and reduce the overall processing time.



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