i-FXD – IoT Cloud Facial Expression Detection

    Project Code: 205
    The solution intends to solve issues related to capturing and measuring customer satisfaction in service-based businesses. The potential clients include banks, government service centres, hospitals, customer service centres, etc
    By MMU
Project Overview
A common method for obtaining feedback from customers of the service provided is typically done manually over 
the  counter,  e.g.  using  questionnaires.  This  approach  has  its  problems  such  as  s low  and  uncoordinated data collection, and uncontrolled bias in the measurement tool used.

i-FXD was designed to implement real-time customer satisfaction analysis and measurement through the use of real-time facial expression capture, recognition and interpretation technique. This  system can be deployed with connected  devices  (Internet-of-Things)  to  speed  up  data  collection  and  measurement.  This  provides  a robust mechanism  for  measuring  customer  satisfaction  in  face-to-face  transactions,  which  will  hopefully improve the o​rganisation’s reputation and competitive advantage against competitors
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