Kappa-PelletTM-Seaweed based Aquaculture Feed

    Project Code: 307
    The main concept for this fish feed is able to help rapid fish growth while encourage higher survival rate and cost-effective
    By Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Project Overview

Seaweed meal is considered as a new ingredient in formulated fish feed and require considerable research to ascertain the true potential and value. Realizing the need for a affordable, effective and natural fish feed, a group of researchers have developed this product that can be offered to any potential market. 

KAPPA-PELLETTM is an innovative feed formulae using seaweed meal as a source of protein, vitamins, mineral and binder. The advantages of using KAPPA-PELLETTM include:

  • Able to support excellent fish growth and survival rate
  • Efficient feed conversion ratio
  • Cost effective formulation
  • Reduced amount of fishery resources in the diet
  • Halal ingredient

This product is using locally available ingredient as a feed binder and source of essential micro-nutrient.


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