Project Code: 143
    It is desirable to have e simple grade specifications for pepper, which are easy for farmers to follow. As processors and exporters relate their purchase price to quality specifications, farmers will be able to get a price equivalent to the quality of their produce if the required grade specifications are met. Lada Apps (LadA) is fully automated mobile-based application that can automatically grade Sarawak White Pepper into the respective ISO standard grades on-site.
Project Overview

Pepper or the scientific name Piper Nigrum is grown predominantly in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Sarawak pepper is one of the key agriculture exports, and it generates huge incomes to the local farmers in Sarawak. Processed pepper berries are graded by size, colour, and moisture content and extraneous matters. At present, the use of an automatic commercial colour sorter for pepper berries is only for discriminating one grade, which is the best white pepper namely ‘Creamy white’. The other ten grades are dome semi-automatically in the lab. This process is time consuming and error prone as it is very much dependent on the experience of the human pepper grader. Hence, this time consumming and error-prone pepper grading task can be improved using image processing, computer vision and automatic sorting machine.

This invention presents a fully automated mobile-based prototype application that grades the pepper berries. Specifically, it captures and processes the digital image of pepper berries using smart phones. With the aim to minimize the sensory gap and on-site grading capability, LadA, an automated mobile-based grading application can replace the subjective classification of  pepper berries into its respective grades