Lighter Weight Prosthetic Leg

    Project Code: 208
    The main concept for this prosthetic leg is the light design and hydraulic mechanism. It is more comfortable, practical and safe for the user. Realizing the need for a more comfortable, practical and safe, a group of students have developed this new design that can be offered to any potential users.
    By GMI
Project Overview

This prosthetic leg is above-knee prosthetic using hydraulic mechanism at the knee with lighter design which is about 4kg and it is custom-made design for a client. It is using hydraulic mechanism to allow the leg swing naturally when in motion.

Overall, to build this prosthesis, the socket is custom made from “polypropylene” and the whole mechanism part is through casting process and using aluminium 1060 metal.

Technological advances and innovations have transformed the outlook of prosthetic limbs and their use in recent years. Increasing aging, diabetic and obese populations have contributed significantly to the cause of amputations. Demand to remain active and productive has fuelled significant growth. Global prosthetic industry is mainly concentrated in the US and EU due to the presence of many multinational companies in the regions.

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