Low Cost and Environmental FriendlyMethod of Heavy Metal Removal in Water Bodies Through Phytoremediation

    Project Code: 209
    Customers utilizing this technology will receive below benefits; • A low cost, solar energy driven clean-up technique. • Cost effective remediation of sites with shallow, low levels of contamination. • Useful for treating a wide variety of environmental contaminants. • Effective with, or in some cases, in place of mechanical cleanup. • Opportunity to recover the precious metals from the environment
    By SME
Project Overview
The  technology  utilizes  aquatic  macrophyte,  Eleocharis acicularis,is  designed  in  a   modular  system  for quick deployment  and  made  for  easy  installation  and modification. The technology is a robust system that can be used for a wide range of environmental conditions. 
 Belonging  to  Cyperaceae:  a  family  of  monocot flowering plants known as sedges 
 Aquatic  plant:  very  strong  fertility  that  propagates mainly by root. 
 Native plant in Japan and Southeastern Asia 
 Hyperaccumulator  of  heavy  metals  in  high concentration 
 No  discharge  or  leaching  of  absorbed  heavy metals from the plant 
 Easily removable (Mat design)
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