Low Temperature Green Composite Solder for Electronic Packaging

    Project Code: 247
    This project is a green invention project; using lead-free solder with a low melting temperature. A fusible metallic alloy used for uniting less fusible metal surfaces or parts.
    By MMU
Project Overview

A new low temperature In-based lead free solder has been developed for electronic application. In-Zn-Ga solder alloy was investigated as a potential candidate replacing SAC. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) testing shows that this solder alloy give low melting temperature as low as 141.31°C.

The addition of Ga in In-Zn solder alloy lowered the melting temperature compared to SAC and Sn-37Pb. The density of In-Zn-Ga solder alloy is 6.801g/cm3, lower than SAC and Sn-37Pb. The wettability of this solder is good and shows the higher in spreading area and lower in contact angle compared with SAC. Wettability is one the important test for solder alloy.